Water Balloon Fight!

It is summertime right now and in some states around the country, we are experiencing the hottest weather of the year. For example, our main offices are located in the wonderful state of Arizona, but we get some scorching summer heat. The other day it reached up to 120 degrees!

What are some ways that you can keep from being bored in a time when the heat gets unbearable? Well here in Arizona most people have pools, so we can stay cool and get some sun at the same time, but have you ever thought about hosting a water balloon fight for you and your kids? 

Water balloon fights are never really structured/organized and most of the time end up being one big wet mess. If you actually take some time to organize a water balloon fight you and your kids can be in for a day a day of some great fun! Have your kids invite all their friends over and let everyone know you will be hosting a water balloon fight at your house (or desired location). Once all the kids are ready for battle you should pick captains and allow the kids to be able to choose their teams. Make sure that the teams are fair though, because you don’t want older kids hurting any of the younger kids in attendance with a heaving water balloon throw to the face.

After the teams have been picked give the kids a chance to build a fort and declare a spot to be their “home base” or “safe zone.” Set the rules before the game and establish whether the kids are going to have multiple lives, or if they are hit once they are out. Once everyone is ready to go you can set the game into motion and watch the kids go at it. Keep an eye out though because there may be a few kids who take it too seriously, or get a little upset and you don’t want anyone fighting during a silly water balloon fight. The awesome thing about a water balloon fight is that you can host it in your backyard, at a park, in a golf course, or anywhere with a big open area. This is just one of the many ways you and your kids can beat the heat this summer! You never know, you may find a new hidden talent in water balloon fighting.



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