Small Breed Dog Costumes

Halloween is on its way and you want to make sure everyone in your family is involved this year, even your pets! So I went to scour the internet to find some of the cutest and best priced costumes for small dogs available. So lets not waste anytime and get to the fun stuff!

Celebrity Dog Costumes

We start off with the best of the celebrity dogs. If you find the right costume, everyone is going to know who your dog is dressed up as. So before you see the descriptions of each of these costumes, try to guess who the dogs are dressed up as!


That’s right, it’s none other than Mr. T himself! He pities the fool that doesn’t remember this iconic tough guy. From the wild hair cut to the jewelry he always wore around his neck, your dog will feel like a bigger dog with this outfit. If you want to know more about the Mr. T dog costume, click on the image!


This is more for the crowd that follows Pop Music, but this is Katy Perry from her California Gurls music video! The iconic blue hair will get any Katy Perry fan to smile at your pup when she walks down the street.


Everyone that has ever heard good music will know this one. This red jacket from the wildly famous Thriller Music Video, and the curly Q hairstyle that goes with it creates a perfect Michael Jackson Canine.

Unique Dog Costumes

So I hope you figured out each of the previous costumes on our list of great dog costumes, but there are a good amount of people out there that want a good theme or just a unique costume. So we start with the pirate dog costume. A great costume all around and since pirates are popular right now, you can find a matching costume for yourself and come out with a gang of pirates on Halloween!

Pirate Dog Costume

And to have a little more fun with some of the cutest costumes we have ever seen, we have Dinosaur Dog Costumes! Very affordable and great for any dog, these will make your dog the talk of the block when you walk him out on Halloween.

cute-dog-costumes-dog-stegosaurus-costume-19394Here we have a Corgi in a Stegosaurus costume and looking super cute. Made of a very light foam material, your dog will be walking around looking like a creature from the dino period in comfort. Very easy to put on and it looks great once on, unless your dog hates clothes, this is one outfit that works. And this is not the only dino centric outfit we found, we loved seeing this next one just as much as the stegosaurus!
Dog Raptor CostumeIf you’re a fan of Raptors or even just liked that scene in Jurassic Park where the kids were being stalked by raptors, you can order this creative Raptor Dog Costume! If you can, get the Jurassic Park outfits for your kids and have a movie themed costume set that includes your pup. It will be a Halloween where everyone will be commenting on your facebook pictures. Who wouldn’t want that!

All these dog costumes are available and affordable. And not only that, if you have a large breed dog, most of these come in multiple sizes to fit all dogs! So if you liked something up on this wall, or even just liked the style of one and wanted to see what else is available, please feel free to click on one of the images and continue to search through the other costumes! If you dress your pup up, send us an email showing us and you can find you and your dog on the MPP Blog!



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