Mad Men Cocktail Party

For fans of this classy show you know that it’s based in the 1960′s and it follows an advertising firm in New York. Now we’re not going to focus on the fantastic story of Mad Men for now, because when putting together a party, you want to make sure you include every partygoer whether they know the show or not. So to prepare, we’re going to look at where you’re going to have the party. Moody but classy is your goal. And even though that might seem vague, it just means focus on lighting and furniture placement.

When it comes to the lighting, darker equals classier. When you watch Don Draper go have a drink at his favorite local bar, you notice that it is covered in moody lighting. The ambiance that you see here is your target for the party. As for furniture, the simpler the better. Make sure there are places for everyone to sit and places for everyone to put their drinks down.

Now we’re going to have to talk about what the party guests are going to be wearing. For the men it’s going to be very easy. Classy suites, hair parted on one side or with 60′s hats, and nice brown loafers. The women are a different story though. Starting from the head down, even make up on the face with bright red lipstick. Hair is easier to get it looking like it’s from the 60′s if it’s up. If you would prefer it down though, parted to the side like the men and curl the ends. If you google “Mad Men hairstyles” you will get plenty of ideas.

Now in the 60′s, parties were not only in peoples living rooms. Especially since it’s still the summer time, the party can move into the back yard and having a pool party! You will have a great laugh when all your friends are looking a bit nerdy trying to be super classy. But that is the fun of having a Mad Men Party. Just make sure you put on your aviator glasses on and your colorful bathing suit!



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