Miss America Party

Miss america party

With the new Miss America being crowned last night, we congratulate Miss New York for coming out on top over 49 other beautiful women. Nina Davuluri, you deserve the win and are a great role model for all women out there. After such a great show though, for most families with little girls, they are going to want to put together a show just like it! So we’re going to say that it can be a very fun and memorable party for your little princesses.

There really is only 3 things that you’re going to need for this party: Sashes, Tiaras, and a pretty dress for your little girl. The sashes are going to be the most fun to put together. The birthday girl definitely has to be name Miss America, but you’re going to have to have each girl make their own sash. When all the girls get to the party, have a wide, white ribbon waiting for them. A bunch of black letter cutouts and little knick knacks to decorate. Each girl is going to have a blast putting together their beautiful sashes for the beauty and talent show that is about to happen!

For the Tiara, we have many to choose from here on MyPartyPlanner. Look through our supplies or just Click Here to see one of our favorite Tiaras! Now once all the girls are dressed up and looking like cute little Miss America’s, you get your camera ready and start the show. A fancy walk down a runway and a talent show where each kid shows off one of their wacky talents is the way to go. Remember, all this is just to have a fun time and celebrate the birthday girl. Once the show is over, you sing happy birthday while crowning the new Little Miss America. This is truly fun for the girls and all the parents as well.

This idea can also be mixed with a Princess Party since many little girls love Disney Princesses. And if they want to put on their sash a name of a princess rather than a state, let them do so. Like we said before though, make sure you have a camera around because this is a party that you will love to talk about when your little girl gets older. She’s going to see just how adorable she was, even if she’s blushing because of the embarrassment of being a tiny Miss America. Don’t forget that MPP is always here to help with your party, so keep following us for more ideas!



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