Baby Costume Party

We have just entered October and Halloween is coming up fast! We all know that costumes and candy are the biggest thing that people are going to be buying for the next few weeks. We here at MyPartyPlanner love Halloween because of all the unique and fun costumes that can be found or made! Of course we are here to help you find what you need, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun with what we find. We have decided that for the brand new parents out there, you are going to want to celebrate your baby’s first Halloween the right way. That means that you’re going to have to make the cutest pirate or dinosaur ever!

So we decided to group up some of our favorites that we could find after scouring the internet. And even though there are only a few costumes here, you can look at the myriad of costumes from just clicking on one of our photos. And depending on how tall your little one is, they have sizes for all. Just make sure you can get your baby to hold still when you measure them. If they are anything like my boys were, the only time they weren’t squirming is when they were eating or sleeping. So good luck!

Like many of us with kids, a lot of your friends also have new born babies or toddlers. You can take advantage of this and get everyone together for a baby Costume Party! Seeing a group of young ones dressed up will put a smile on everybody’s face.

Make sure you get a lot of pictures of all the kids because when they are older you are going to be able to show their future husbands and wives how cute they used to be. I have that ammo locked away in the closet for that day! And to keep the adults entertained during this Baby Costume Party, you can determine who got the best costume. And don’t just give out one prize, pick out the cutest, the funniest, the most original. Everyone’s baby will have something great to point out.

To leave you with some final thoughts, I just want to say that you will have fond memories if you do put together a Baby Costume Party. This isn’t a party you put together for the kids, you put this together for yourself and all the friends and family that go to it. It will make your Halloween memorable rather than regrettable when you eat the bowl full of left over candy the day after. I’m going to put the last few outfits we liked at the bottom of this page, we hope you can find something for your baby boy or girl. Happy Halloween!



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