May Wedding Season is Almost Here!

It is difficult to believe May is just around the corner. With May, what do you think of? Ah, weddings of course. How do you make your wedding the most wonderful thing of your life? First, one needs to think of where would you like to have your wedding. Personally, beside a beach wedding, I think my favorite is in the back yard. There is nothing more fun, than to have all of your family in a relaxed atmosphere and what better of a place than a home.

May Wedding - Bride and groom

You always need to research for the best caterer and cake maker. Many times word of mouth or perhaps a wedding that you attended can give you some help. The food need not be outrageously expensive, yet elegant. We catered out daughter’s wedding several years ago and it was a great deal of work but a lot of satisfaction. Most food can be done ahead and then heated the day of. Finger foods are always a great starter. If you are having the ceremony in the yard, it makes it even nicer as people don’t have be driving all over looking for you. The photographer can come out ahead of time and choose just the right settings for your “forever” photos. If you are using a DJ, ask he has a list of happy clients. Sometimes the DJ forgets who is audience is and needs to versatile. Maybe he likes acid rock, but doubt if most of the guests will.

As the bride, enlist your bridal party to help along with family members, to make a check list so that nothing is overlooked. Make sure your invitations go out 30 days ahead of time, to accommodate the out of town guests. You may want to give those people a list of hotels and B & B’s to stay at. Sometimes the hotel will give you a break on rates if you fill x amount of rooms. Delegate everyone a job, so that as the bride, you are not worn out by the time the big day comes. When it comes to decorating, that is something everyone can help with or there are services to do it for you, same to be said for the tables, chairs and utensils. Even if you don’t live in a place where it rains a lot…. be prepared with canopies or tents to be safe.

When it comes to beverages, I believe in keeping it simple. Have someone make a great punch both alcoholic and non alcoholic. You can keep costs down, but still make everyone happy by just serving wine and beer.
Wedding Sunset in Mexico
By enlisting everyone, they will also feel more a part of that “special” day for you. By ALL means, designate one person to log in gifts so that thank you cards can be sent out in a timely manner.

As I mentioned earlier, a beach wedding is magical. Mexico has so many wonderful beach resorts and if you happen to live in the Southwest, you can be there in 4 hours to Puerto Penasco. If cost is a factor, a beach wedding can cost a lot less than in a large hotel. Again, there are concierges to help you and wedding planners as well. They are all professional and have many resources to draw from. Weddings here are more personal, as many times things can be custom made. Just remember the same rules as above no matter what beach area you go to.

Now comes the big day… put that beautiful gown on and walk down the isle looking at your husband in a way you have none of down. Thank everyone for all the help and may you two be together forever!



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