Prom Season Is Here

It is hard to believe that it is almost prom time. Proms in this day and age can become very expensive with the rental of limos and dinners, etc. But it need not be that way. The prom parties that my grand kids loved were the ones held in their back yards or they did a make over in the garage. The fun for everyone was in the decorating. The kids can choose their theme and everyone can get together and make things. Of course there is still the “big dance” to go to, but for the after party just hang out.

Hire a caterer for the food of course so that the mom’s can enjoy the party as well. It can be a fancy sit down dinner or a buffet style. Have a lot of munches and snacks ahead of time as the boy will eat a lot. Make sure there is plenty of supervision as well all know teens!

If you have a pool, the kids can get out of those tuxes and pretty dresses and just have fun. A lot of kids do like to use this time to talk about their future as graduation is also just around the cornet. For many young people, this time may be the last they will all be together before summer vacation as in fall they will be heading off to college.

This is also a great time for the chaperons to spend time with everyone. In most cases these young adults have all grown up together and been involved in sports together, so everyone can talk about the good old days. Spend this precious time with these young adults and they will appreciate later on in life.

Again, get your party things from local party stores or even user a party planner, so that yo don’t forget any thing. If the dance is being held some distance from your party, make sure there is good transportation to your house. Most of all enjoy your self.



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