Passion, Artistry, Creativity and Connection! What do they have in common?

Everything. Being an artist, I have the driving passion to connect with the people around me. In everything I do, I put my heart and soul into it. With the people I meet I want them to know they are part of an every growing family. We are born alone but with me you feel like you are a part of a community.

If you will allow me to, I will transform and help you create you own unique and magical memories. This is where I get my passion from by making your special day or event one to last forever. From start to finish I am there for you and only you.

My style is artistic, full of life and color, tender, wild and I will capture a host of emotions. Through my eyes, you will see how the passion for what I do comes out.

With me you will feel totally relaxed and comfortable, as I want to you to look natural and to bring out the natural beauty you were given. Although I love all type of venues, my favorite venues are weddings and destination weddings. With me, you will have a compete package with a memories for a lifetime.

With weddings, I get to spend a lot of time with you and getting to know what you like and don’t like. We build a bond to get to know you and your family involved in that “Special Day”. This allow me to bring out the best in the entire wedding family.

I would ask that you look at my photo gallery to see what I can do to make everything so very special. These are only suggestions… the sky is the endless with ideas. Look at my website to see what else I have to offer. Where ever you are, I can be there for you. Let me turn my passion into your passionate day.

If you are a familiar soul to the world of Henna artistry, consider this website a perennial invitation extended to an old friend. Here you can find information, new friends and means through which you and I can share our kindred spirits. If this is your first journey into the world of Henna, the previous offers of education and kinship are echoed to you along with an exuberant temptation to contact me. Whether I am in someones home, doing a cooperate event or on MTV my message and positive energy of Henna is always this…..No person is an island onto them selves.

My creative energies extend beyond my henna-making and application. I also do custom design work for permanent tattoos. I am a makeup artist, ordained minister, photographer, and mixed media artist that creates one time wear fashions.

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