One Stop Shopping For A Golf Tournament!

Over the years when you wanted to put on a golf tournament either as part or a convention or a fund raiser, you had to go to each course to get the best deal.  Welcome to the 21st century and check out Best Outings. Their motto is Point, Click and Golf!  This company is a one stop company for all golf events.  It is Nationwide with courses in every state.  In popular golf states like AZ (162), Florida (131), California (226) and 116 in Colorado.  There are courses all over each state.  They represent some of the best courses in all cities across the US.

They can offer places to get prizes, trophies and all sorts of imprintables such as shirts, hats, balls and anything else you can think of.  Need a source for Hole-In-One insurance, they have sources for it.  Have a per person budget, they can help you find a course to fit that budget.

I have been golfing since I was 14 and have been in city tournaments and played in charity and convention golf tournaments since that age and I have never seen such a well organized company.

Have a question about a particular course, they have the answers.  If you want to know the track record on a course such as how many events a year they put on and is their staff well trained… they can help you there as well.

It is so simple, click here then locate the sate you are interested in and find all the information you will need to plan and compare different courses.  You can even see the current temperature at some of the courses in case you want to plan a tournament for next fall.  Need lodging, you can find which resorts have complete facilities.

Or you can visit directly and view pictures of the course and it’s facilities or book a tee time, this is one awesome company.  If you are a company say in Wisconsin and want to have an event in Arizona for your top clients, this site is for you.  It is like taking a golfing vacation without leaving the computer.  This site is beneficial even if you are on vacation in Scottsdale for example, you can use it to see the best courses to play on.  Plan a golfing vacation around what you find out on their sites.

Personally, I have played on many of these courses over the years across the Western states and the pictures are true to what the course looks like.  Please, if you are in charge of an event, check out Best Outings and start getting your game on.



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