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2017 has been an ok year for you, but right about now you’re beginning to feel the momentum changing. From so-so to simply sassy, you’re about to show the world what’s wonderful about you! Starting with your annual holiday party, which we have already glammed up, this year you are going to do all the things you’ve never been brave enough to try before, and we’re going to help! Isn’t it time you colored outside the lines? If your answer is yes (and we both know it should be!), this is how you are going to do it!

Busting Your Signature Moves

You’ve practiced in front of the mirror for years and you know you are good, so why do you sit on the sidelines and watch all the others have all the fun? Your Sound Sensation Entertainment DJ is playing ALL the songs you know by heart; slip on that single white glove, tip your fedora to a rakish angle, and funk the night away! 

This is Your Night to Shine

The twinkle lights are blinking, and your eyes are sparkling in their gleam. You’ve spent a lot of time and effort on looking your best—let’s make this party shine! Our custom lighting allows you to be in the spotlight as you celebrate the beginning of the best year of your life!

Put Yourself in the Picture

As you look through your photo albums, are you noticing something missing? Your friends look great, your family is fierce, but where are the pictures of you? Don’t be shy, this year choose the Open Air Photo Booth with a greenscreen backdrop and show everyone that you really are a superstar! Ham it up alone, or join in the fun with all your friends. This night is yours and the fun times will never end!

And Most of All, Have Fun!

Too many years have passed with you worrying about your guests having a good time, but this time you have us to keep the groove going while you put the ‘she’ in the night’s shenanigans!

But Don’t Forget to Give Us a Call

If you wait too long, your chance to shine may be tarnished! Schedule an appointment with us today and discover what it’s like to have fun at your own party!

For more information about planning a killer holiday party – with photobooths, lighting, and more – head on over to Sound Sensations Ent today!



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