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It was Adam Carolla who first said that a vast majority of mekalb and disturbing human stories originate from either Germany or Florida — this series documents Florida’s state pastime: ignorance.

Summer is Ending!

Since it’s the end of summer, we know that there have been a ton of parties and get togethers that have probably filled your camera’s memory card! We would love for our readers to send in the great pictures that … Continue reading

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Florida Watch VIETNAM!!!

Ok, so you know that we brought back Florida Watch!!! earlier today—and you ALSO know that more FW was promised, so …. Let’s get it on!!! As always, for those of you unfamiliar with the genius of this series, catch … Continue reading

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Monday means one thing — Florida Time!!!

Ah, my lovely Get Down With MPP minions, it’s time for another edition of get Down With MPP’s Florida Watch!!! In case you’ve never enjoyed the spoils of Florida Watch, check out past entries: Florida Watch #1, FW#2, FW Special Report: The Ash … Continue reading

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MPP is back, with Florida Watch!!!

MPP didn’t leave you high and dry, friends — we had some technical difficulties, but now we are back in action and stronger than ever. We figured, hey, what better way to win you back than you hit you upside … Continue reading

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Florida Glance: Ghost Ride The Whip

I’m supposed to be giving Florida a break these days — after all, people DO have parties there. But a story came up this past week that, well, simply has me Florummoxed. It is video of West Palm Beach resident … Continue reading

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When it comes to television shows about criminals, Florida always rocks the best.

The guys on this show are always wicked dumb — what does that say about U.S. law enforcement capability? If you are a regular Get Down With MPP reader, you know that I watch a lot of shows that boast bad … Continue reading

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Florida Glance: Marvin Carson — Floridian Criminal Mastermind

This guy was once hard core … white trash. During my lunch today, I sat down with an episode of investigation Discovery’s I Almost Got Away With It and was, as I often am, treated to a classic tale of Floridian … Continue reading

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Florida Watch Special Report: Floridian Teens Snort the Ashes of a Dead Man and His Dogs

Above, you see a pile of cremated ashes next to a pile of cocaine. The similarities between these two, in appearance, lie in the fact that they are both in piles. It ends there. Even if one has never seen … Continue reading

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Florida Watch!!!

State pride landed this genius a 2-5 clip in the clink. I remember where I was the moment I learned that there was a rapper named Flo Rida – I thought it was highly ignorant, but not surprising. People from awful … Continue reading

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Florida Watch!!!

This page represents a life-long passion of mine – studying and mocking the insane things that happen in the state of Florida. I have always been inspired by Adam Carolla’s disdain for Florida, as well as his game Germany or Florida? I have been … Continue reading

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