Pool Parties

Every body loves pool parties, and they are a great way to cool off from the summer heat or to just make a splash at a special event.  When throwing a pool party there are a few things you want to keep in mind like invitations, music, food, toys, games, party favors, and safety.

Start with the perfect invitations, you can use aqua blue paper to get your guests thinking of water.  Playing tropical or beach music will set the mood for relaxation. Keep the food simple, having the BBQ fired up for some burgers and hotdogs is always a winner for party guests.  Toys and games are great for any age party-er, diving sticks, pool floats or noodles, water guns, and any sporting ball are great ideas for your next party.  Just because its not anyone’s birthday doesn’t mean you can’t give out party favors.  Even the smallest party favors are appreciated and can be inexpensive to give out to friends and family.  Safety is the most important thing to plan out when throwing a pool party.  First make sure your pool chemicals are balanced and make sure sun screen is readily available for anyone who might of forgotten their own.  If there are any non-swimmers, make sure they have a swimming buddy (parent or bigger and a strong swimmer).  If you are mixing adults with children and plan on having adult beverages, hire a lifeguard for the younger swimmers.

Having the latest and greatest party accessories will keep your friends talking about it all summer long.  That is why we recommend having a Foam Machine at your next pool party!  A foam machine will bring new life into any pool party and is only one of many new ideas/inventions that are coming out for pool parties.  The foam machine is easy to use and a safe addition to the party.

We here at MPP would love to hear your pool party ideas and successes, just let us know.

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Fourth of July! Fireworks

What’s the one tradition that almost every American associates with the 4th of July? Fireworks! I know personally, I have vivid memories as a child watching streaks of light short across the sky, before they burst into magnificent colors. I can still feel the internal BOOM of the concussion created by the explosive force of these festive treats. I can even smell the pungent odor of the sulfur as it floats to the ground.

The tradition of Fireworks in America dates all the way back to the year following the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776. And ever since, Americans have celebrated their Independence by the brilliant colors created by fireworks. In 1783, Philadelphia began selling fireworks to its citizens, allowing them to create their own celebrations. Around the early 1800’s, cities sought the best pyro technicians they could amass in order to deliver a more stunning experience. During the Centennial celebration in 1877, some of the first well-organized platforms were designed in order to deliver synchronized shows to stun the masses in attendance. It wasn’t until the 20th century when cities began to really regulate the sale and use of fireworks.

Today, only 21 states allow for the full sale of fireworks, making them a more limited but well sought after commodity. While it may not be legally allowed to purchase fireworks for your personal use, many fireworks companies work with cities and counties to legally to create and host fireworks displays! Fireworks are not only a great idea for any Fourth of July celebration; they are also a wildly popular attraction for graduation parties, birthday parties, and especially weddings!

Here at MyPartyPlanner.com, we have many vendors that can offer you fantastic fireworks displays for any one of your events!

May we recommend:

Pyro/FX Entertainment Inc.

Fireworks by Bandit Aerial Productions

Garden State Fireworks

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Plant a Tree Party!

This past week has been a very busy one for most of us. Easter was on Sunday, we were all either traveling to go see family or having family come over, and then the next day it was time to start the work week. One thing that went nearly unnoticed though was Earth Day. And to celebrate what mother Earth has given us MPP wanted to come up with a party idea that would help out. This weeks featured party is a Plant a Tree Party!

Nearly all over the country, the weather is beautiful, everyone is joyful, and the need to help out our home is at it’s highest. This is the best time to get the family together, get some friends to help out as well, and plant a tree.

Although we are making it sound like a very easy activity to go out and do, there is a lot of planning before you can have a party like this. If you are thinking of planting a tree at your local park or at a state park, there are city and state ordinances that prevent you from changing the landscape. You will have to contact your local representatives to find the right permission for the plant. It’s a bit easier if you want to do it at home though. First, check to see if there are any Home Owner Association rules preventing certain trees or sizes of trees. Then you should look up your city ordinances about the same subjects. If you are not breaking any rules, you are all set for the party.

This kind of party is also the perfect time to get the kids involved. Pull them away from their video games and computer, put a tiny shovel in their hands, and let them take in the sun as they do some good. We here at MPP would love to know if we were the reason a couple trees were planted, so if you take our idea and plant a tree, Let us know!!!

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Puppy Party!

There is a growing trend in America and it couldn’t have been a cuter one: Puppy Party! Of course all dogs are invited, but the main attraction will be who’s bringing their cute little pups. Now that summer is here, there is ample time to get all these cute little ones together so they can meet all of your family and friends. You’re going to find out that your little bundle of joy is going to have the time of his or her life rolling around with other puppies.

This will also be a great time to tire them out so that they can pass out the moment they get back home!

Now with puppies especially, there is no way you’re going to be able to make them play games that little kids play. So musical chairs, red rover, and pin the tail on the donkey are all out for party games. Since you are on this article though, you might be wanting some ideas on what can be done with a back yard full of puppies. Well, here are some things that us here at MPP have though about:

- Races : Puppies are going to want to chase anything that they are curious about or anything that is considered a tasty treat. This is a great time to entice a whole group of puppies and start making friendly wagers to see what puppy will get the treat first. If you have enough gates available, a track can be built to make sure the race can go on a couple of laps. The fastest puppy might not win this one, it could be the pup with the most focus.

– Puppy Spring Training : Since football season is starting, you can have these little pups wrestle and tackle each other for possession of a couple foam footballs. All your guests will have a blast seeing the pups jumping on top of each other and the best part is, a couple of foam footballs is a very inexpensive way of keeping pups occupied.

– Obstacle Course : Since it is pretty difficult to keep the attention of puppies, one of the easiest ways to keep them busy is to just put a whole bunch of them together in a space that can be fun for them. As puppies too, they can handle some hard hits, so when it comes to protecting them, you just want to make sure that there are no pointy or sharp edges in their play space. This also brings us to something important that should be on the top of your list as a dog owner…

Keep the Puppies Safe

Since you are bringing your personal and beloved pets to a party where there will be many other dogs, you want to make sure you keep your pup safe. Here are a few tips that we suggest:

– Make sure you and all the other dog owners bring a leash to the party. If you are the host of the party you might want to keep spare leashes.
– Before the party, make sure your pup is up to date on all his or her vaccinations. There are some sicknesses that can catch onto a pup that is tough to get through.
– Before you allow the pup to roam, make a few observations: Do you see any ticks or lice on any of the dogs or in the yard? Has your pup been introduced to all the dogs there? And where is the dog area and is there enough water for the pups there.

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HypnoTERRY: Arizona’s Leading Hypnotist

If you are reading this, then you have at least a curiosity about hypnotism. And to be honest, so did we here at MyPartyPlanner. So we went off in search of a solid, popular, and verified hypnotist. That is when we found Terry Gahm, better known as HypnoTERRY!

Many people have gone on youtube and seen a hypnotist get on stage and make everyone believe they are naked. Is this possible? Is this the power a hypnotist has? How can we find out? Well if you are in the Phoenix area or all the surrounding cities and states, Terry Gahm is your answer. He focuses his efforts on creating a great comedic stage hypnosis routine with you and your guests as the participants!

Here you and your friends will learn what a real hypnotist can do and get some laughs out of it as well. Terry is also very open and clear about what he does. You will never find yourself in a position where you would feel embarrassed or vulnerable. You and your guests will actually be having the time of their lives laughing and getting hypnotized all night.

Available for nearly all events, this Hypnotist can come to an anniversary, bachelorette party, Corporate Meetings, Dinner Parties, Graduation Parties, and much more! And to be honest, we know that this part sounds like it came straight from a commercial, but we want to make it clear that Terry is a versatile entertainer. He will accommodate any set up you have and is a great professional to work with.

On top of the comedic stage show, as a hypnotist, Terry lends his knowledge to assist you with whatever you want to get help for. It is widely known that hypnotism can help with certain ailments and behaviors. If you’re looking for a Hypnotist to make you stop smoking, then don’t hesitate to bring it up when you call.

To find out more about HypnoTERRY, make sure to click here to visit his listing on MyPartyPlanner. Or if you want to visit Terry’s personal site, click on HypnoTerry.com

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Welcome to the New Year

Although a little belated, but we here at MPP want to welcome you all to the New Year! We all hopefully had a chance to start our new resolutions for the year, and some of us have even failed them already! But coming back to the normal work days after having all this time with Family, Food, and Parties, work seems like a break from all the stress!

So to all our vendors out there and to all our visitors of past, present, and future: HAPPY NEW YEAR and good luck on any ventures you start!

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Countdown to Christmas

It’s the first week of December! Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday is now behind us and we have Christmas to look forward to! Now since we are a party site, you know we’re going to tell you to make sure you give yourself plenty of time to set up a great big party where you invite all your family members. And that would be great to do, but we also know that you have gift shopping to do and also have to battle the hordes of shoppers and traffic everyday. The pressure and stress can build up pretty quickly.

Posted by Robftw on reddit

So this year, we’re suggesting a nice quiet Christmas with those you are closest with. Friends and family are great to have around and keeping the focus on them this year is going to make sure you can plan out something fun and simple. If you do, however, want to invite 100 of your closest friends, visit the MPP Homepage, and look for vendors that will get your party started. Most of them even have Holiday Specials that you can take advantage of. And when you search for DJ’s or Party Planners, you’ll see how many are right next door to you!

Also, around this time of year, many people talk about a white Christmas but many of us don’t live in a place where it snows. So to help you with finding a company that brings the snow to you, visit SnowMachine.co. They rent out machines that can create snow from blocks of ice or you can have snowflakes that dissolve the second they touch something. It’s a great detail that can help any party of any size.

For those that want to keep the party small though, make sure you look in our Supplies Section. Here you might find some good items for any party. And when you put together a nice, small party for everyone, the details are more important than in larger parties. So make sure you find items that can become talking points for your guests. If you’re reading this close to when I posted it, you have plenty of time to get ready for your get together no matter what direction you go.

Also, when you do put up your party, we here at MyPartyPlanner love to receive pictures of everyone having fun. So don’t forget to send in your best pics and you might even see it put up on our site!

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Fox Entertainment: Professional DJ Services in Ohio

When putting together a nice Wedding or Party, getting a DJ is going to be at the top of your list. And to be honest, since we here at MPP have a ton of experience in creating great parties, we know that getting a solid and professional DJ is one of the most important positions to fill. MyPartyPlanner likes to go around and search for the Top DJ’s available. If you are living in Ohio, you have access to one of the most professional and amicable DJ’s in the United States. And he brings more to your party than just music. We proudly recommend Fox Entertainment!

When you think of a DJ for a Wedding or Party, you think of someone that comes by with huge speakers, turn tables and plays music. Fox Entertainment is a new breed of DJ. Not only does he bring the experience of a professional DJ, but also offers Up Lighting and Photo Booths to give your venue an impressive look and feel!

Professional Up Lighting can bring personality to your venue. As you can see in all the photos that we have up here, you can see that Fox Entertainment knows what they are doing! If you’re wanting a way to display a logo on the wall with light or giving the ceiling texture, that is all available to you to choose from. This level of Up Lighting and Special Effects give even the dullest venues a great chance to be a highlight of your party!

During your party, you know you’re not going to want to be bothered with taking pictures of everyone that went. Many people have come up with the idea of leaving disposable cameras on all the tables and hoping to get pictures of everyone at the party. Although this is a good idea, if your party is a wedding or something else that is celebrating an important event in your life, professional pictures are going to last longer and look so much better. Bringing a photo booth gives your guests a place to go to get their high quality pictures taken!

Great pricing and package options are all available to customers of Fox Entertainment. All it takes is a phone call. As we have mentioned before, you will always have a professional and friendly person on the other line when you call. Fox Entertainment raises the bar of a great DJ!

If you are wanting more information, feel free to Call at 419-233-3240 or Click Here to Visit the Website!

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3 Tips In Planning For An Awesome Bridal Party

Being chosen as one of the bridesmaid at a wedding can be fun and exciting. This also means that you have to fulfill a certain duty of assisting the bride to make her dream wedding possible. One of the most common tasks that a bridesmaid is ought to perform is by hosting a bridal shower party in honor of the bride. It may sound simple, but it sure involves a great deal of preparation. If you’re being assigned to hold a bridal party and you want to turn this occasion into something memorable, then you need to read on further because we are going to talk about the 3 tips in planning for an awesome bridal party.
Take note of these bridal party essentials and you’re off to having a great party in the end:

1. Dresses – Now this is one element of the party that ladies are fond of preparing with. Everybody will certainly want to look at their best and will be showing off their lovely dresses at this evening. If you’re still searching for a dress to wear for this occasion, then try visiting the green guide website and take a look at the greenguide bridesmaids dresses that they are offering for this year’s wedding. All these dresses are very stylish and they are reasonably priced to suit the budget of an average woman like you. Take a look at some pictures of the gowns they can offer and marvel at their distinct beauty.

2. Theme and decorations – The theme of the party should best represent the bride in any way possible. Once you have decided on the theme, then the decors will follow. You can either make your own decorations by using some design templates that you can find on wedding websites or you can place and order of decorations that are made from recyclable materials and turn this evening into an eco-friendly event. Whichever works best for you, the better.

3. Games and entertainment – Think of The 10 best bridal party entrance songs and choose which one will best accompany the bride at the beginning of the party. Then come up with another list of dance songs that you want to play all throughout the celebration. Just make sure these tunes are appropriate enough to bring life to the festivity that you are having. As for the games, you can download the latest games by visiting some wedding websites over the internet today.

Getting all the pieces in place will turn your bridal shower into a magnificent evening of merry-making. Hopefully, you will apply these tips in your own bridal shower and really have a great time with all your gal friends before the wedding day.

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OWN! Feather Boas & High Quality Party Supplies!

One Way Novelties

Have you ever put together a party and felt that it just needed one more thing to make it over the top? Maybe a ton of Mardi Gras necklaces, noise makers for all your guests, or even some wigs to make your party just that much more fun? Well we here at MyPartyPlanner are excited to introduce One Way Novelties! One Way has dedicated itself to bringing everyone great and high quality party accessories. When they say they are distributing fun and excitement, they mean it!

The reason we are so enthused about telling you about One Way Novelties is due to their great assortment and focus on their party favors. You can get ice that lights up in your drinks or tiaras to put on. If you are putting on a concert or trying to control just how many people are coming to your party, they even have professional quality tickets. Basically what we’re saying is that you, now, have no excuse if you have a boring party!

OWN Feather Boas!Whether you want to put some color into your party or are having a themed party, you will find something great here. One very popular accessory that One Way Novelties carries are Feather Boas. These boas give your outfit or costumes just the right amount of flair. Coming in all sorts of colors and sizes, you can find just what you need, even if you’re looking for Hulk Hogans red and yellow feather boas!

One Way Novelties is dedicated to bring you the popular accessories, but they also want to always add something new to the table. So make sure you check out everything they offer because we know there is going to be something you would love to order for your party! We recently had an office party and ordered the glowing glasses to give everyone some added pizzaz. We all looked goofy, but the pictures came out looking great and we had a ton of fun with just those crazy spectacles. Additionally, if you have any questions for One Way, the staff is the most helpful around. You’re never intimidated thinking you’re trying to call a huge corporation that won’t listen to a single customer, we’ve never met a nicer group than the one at One Way Novelties.

Add a little fun to your party today by visiting OneWayNovelties.com and find great items for great prices.

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