Las Vegas Boston: Premium Casino Parties

LVB Vegas Grade Table

If you want your next party to be fun and memorable, bringing a live Casino to your town has to be on the top of your list! MyPartyPlanner has found a great company that offers Vegas quality tables and dealers, Las Vegas Boston! Based in the town of Boston, LVB has become well known for their professionalism that they bring to everything they do. The second you decide to book LVB, you know you are going to throw a memorable party. It is a Vegas vacation in your town!

Las Vegas Boston gives options as well. They can host any party, from Corporate Events to Trade Shows. No matter what you hire LVB for, you know you are going to have a royal casino set up! If you have ever been to Las Vegas, you will know that there are a multitude of games and machines that you can play on. LVB offers exactly what you see in Las Vegas! Amazing tables, Vegas slot machines, and friendly trained dealers. All this comes together to give a fun casino night to everyone invited.

LVB Vegas Grade Roulette WheelLas Vegas Boston has everything needed to play:
• BlackJack
• Texas Hold’em Poker
• Roulette
• Craps
• Money Wheel
• Chuck-A-Lot
• Slot Machines

If you have never put together a Casino Themed Party, there is no need to worry! Las Vegas Boston has Casino Party Packages to make planning easy. These packages come with the premium tables, professional dealers, and if added a music set up. You can have an experienced DJ that can have any kind of music playing with no down time, have the DJ take requests, and have concert grade sound. All you have to do is know where you are having the party and invite your guests!

Other extras are also available as well that comes with the same standard as the rest of LVB. For amazing ambiance for your party, you can have professional uplighting set up. Or if you want to make sure you have great memories and pictures from your party, order a photobooth that are customized specifically for your event.

Las Vegas Boston is ran by the most courteous and helpful people. If you have any questions or concerns, LVB is always there to give you everything you need. They have the expertise and experience to know how to handle any situation. Make sure you visit to see more photos and get more information on everything LVB has to offer or call at (617) 645 – 9751

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Love and Sunshine: Upcoming Bridal Conference in Miami!

On October 20, 2013 the Love & Sunshine Destination Wedding Conference & Expo is going to take place and you are not going to want to miss it! This is your personal invitation to get out of the work environment that you’re use to and go out to meet with likeminded professionals in a more dynamic place. Learn more about your trade and share ideas with the best in the business. At the conference you will also get to see the very popular Preston Bailey, celebrity wedding planner, present a thorough floral demo as this year’s Keynote Speaker. This year’s conference will also hold special sessions from experts of all aspects of the industry. You can choose to see Mr. Brilliance himself, Simon T. Bailey, give a motivational speech to get you to the next level. Or the Internationally renowned wedding authority on Multi-cultural weddings, Therese Cole Hubbs, giving her perspective on the couple. There is enough offered here to pull an unimaginable wealth of knowledge from.

Being held at the Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables, Florida, this is a one-day conference filled with major players in the destination-wedding industry, from tourism boards and event designers to planners and suppliers. This is your opportunity to Network on a national and global level, build your profile, and connect with clients and vendors.

Other highlights of this year’s conference are not limited to the Exhibitor and Expo showcase, but also a Breakout session and panel discussion, 2 Book signing and Photo OP sessions, a Book launch event, and The Color, Flavor & Rum Reception after the show.

As a member of MyPartyPlanner, you will be receiving a special industry rate by Clicking Here! MyPartyPlanner is honored to recommend the Love & Sunshine Destination Wedding Conference to its members and professionals. If you’re not already a member of MyPartyPlanner, Click Here to sign up for free and take advantage of the Industry Rate for the conference.

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Movie Character Costumes for Halloween!

Movie characters have taken over the Halloween scene since we can all remember. Now for this year, people are looking all over to see who they want to be for Halloween. We have compiled some of the cooler costumes that you can purchase. To start our list, above we have the popular Kick Ass! His new movie Kick Ass 2 is just as over the top as the first and continues the idea that if people can be superheros without powers, then why not?! But let us not forget that Johnny Depp did have a movie release this year in the form of The Lone Ranger! Of course you can play as Tonto for Halloween, but we always suggest being the headliner! Dress up as Armie Hammers character Reid, aka The Lone Ranger!

Us at MPP like to make things very easy as well, so if you like a costume idea that we put up, click on it’s image and you will be taken to one of our partners that carries that exact costume! This way you don’t have to search the web for a costume that you like from our post. Now back to the list!

One character that seems to come back every year is Captain Jack Sparrow! So we really need to mention him here. The Captain of the Black Pearl and wanted by all forms of the law, Johnny Depp created an incredibly likable pirate that is mimicked all the time. But let us not forget that Johnny Depp did have a movie release this year in the form of The Lone Ranger! And you can be Tonto if you wish, but we always want to be the main character. This year, try becoming Armie Hammers portrayal of Reid, aka The Lone Ranger!

And for anyone that wants to become a team of big screen heroes, The Avengers is going to be a great choice. You and all your friends are going to be able to choose their favorite superhero and go out to save that candy from the menacing Red Skull. No matter who you choose to be though, have fun this year. Us here at MPP are just trying to give everyone ideas because it can be hard to pinpoint who you want to be and then another task trying to find the right costume for it. We pull from multiple companies to give you the best priced and highest quality costumes available!

If you dress up early or want to share what you put together for Halloween if you made your costume, we would love to see it. Send all you pictures to and we’ll post the ones we love!

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Snow Machine Party!

Winter is coming! And for many parts of the country we don’t get that famous White Christmas that Irving Berlin has been dreaming about. To fix this we call upon the help of technology. Get all you friends together, grab a snow machine and you’re set! Now before we get to ordering something like this, you’re going to want the details of what is a snow machine and what does it produce.

The first one we want to talk about is the fake snow machines. Or as we like to call it in the Biz, flurry foam machines. What these machines do is shoot up a ton of white foam to make it look like snow. Great for a club or house party, these foam snow flakes evaporate when they finally touch something. Easy clean up and a very cool effect. The only problem with this though is that it’s not cold or actual snow. So if you’re wanting a snow ball fight or want to create a snow angel, this is not what you want.

Now before we go into the real snow machines, just remember that pricing, although different depending on who you order from, will always be more for real snow vs fake snow. And not only do you have to think about the size and price of the machine, but also the fuel. For the fake snow you just need to have a special solution that you mix with water and that goes a long way for the amount you need. When producing real snow, you need to find the ice for it. For many companies big blocks of ice is the best because it’s the easiest to insert in the machine and produces the most real snow.

Now you probably started reading this post because you’re wanting to know about real snow machines. If you’re reading it just for the literature, we applaud your drive to consume all forms of writing. Let’s refocus, a real snow machine will not shoot up snow into the air. There are blowers that you can order and companies that send blowers with their snow machines for a price, but most snow machines are simple enough where you put ice in at the top and snow gets dumped at the bottom. The best strategy to get this snow where you want it is to make sure you have some buckets available to disperse all the snow.

Since we know that the time for snow is coming up, we wanted to keep you informed and make it easy on you if you plan to order something like this. So we teamed up with a company that is a foam/snow rental company and if you have any questions or concerns left, they will be happy to help. You can get a hold of them by calling 888 – 660 – 2045! We here at MPP hope you have a great Holiday Season!

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Baby Costume Party

We have just entered October and Halloween is coming up fast! We all know that costumes and candy are the biggest thing that people are going to be buying for the next few weeks. We here at MyPartyPlanner love Halloween because of all the unique and fun costumes that can be found or made! Of course we are here to help you find what you need, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun with what we find. We have decided that for the brand new parents out there, you are going to want to celebrate your baby’s first Halloween the right way. That means that you’re going to have to make the cutest pirate or dinosaur ever!

So we decided to group up some of our favorites that we could find after scouring the internet. And even though there are only a few costumes here, you can look at the myriad of costumes from just clicking on one of our photos. And depending on how tall your little one is, they have sizes for all. Just make sure you can get your baby to hold still when you measure them. If they are anything like my boys were, the only time they weren’t squirming is when they were eating or sleeping. So good luck!

Like many of us with kids, a lot of your friends also have new born babies or toddlers. You can take advantage of this and get everyone together for a baby Costume Party! Seeing a group of young ones dressed up will put a smile on everybody’s face.

Make sure you get a lot of pictures of all the kids because when they are older you are going to be able to show their future husbands and wives how cute they used to be. I have that ammo locked away in the closet for that day! And to keep the adults entertained during this Baby Costume Party, you can determine who got the best costume. And don’t just give out one prize, pick out the cutest, the funniest, the most original. Everyone’s baby will have something great to point out.

To leave you with some final thoughts, I just want to say that you will have fond memories if you do put together a Baby Costume Party. This isn’t a party you put together for the kids, you put this together for yourself and all the friends and family that go to it. It will make your Halloween memorable rather than regrettable when you eat the bowl full of left over candy the day after. I’m going to put the last few outfits we liked at the bottom of this page, we hope you can find something for your baby boy or girl. Happy Halloween!

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Have Your Next Party With Disney Star Roshon Fegan!

People are always searching for the most original ideas and ways to make their party the most memorable event for all in attendance. Bat mitzvahs, Bar mitzvahs, quinceniera’s, and even just birthday parties are important events in young kids lives that can provide memories that will be cherished for years to come. What if you could celebrate your next party with not only your friends and family, but also with your favorite Disney channel movie star Roshon Fegan? Thanks to Roshon and his father Roy, fans can now have the full Roshon experience at the Warehouse Studios. This perfectly spacious warehouse can be rented out and used for several different types of parties or events. When you rent out The Warehouse Studios you get a 6 hour block that comes included with a 1 hour meet and greet with Roshon, a 30 minute concert performance, 30 Roshon t-shirts for your guests in attendance, and 3 hours of dancing on the massive dance floor (of which our DJ will be spinning your favorite tunes).

If you haven’t heard of Roshon before he is what you call a “triple threat.” As an artist, actor, and seasoned dancer Roshon has quickly made his mark in over 37 different countries. Most widely recognized as a series regular “Ty Blue” on Disney’s original series “Shake It Up”, Roshon is now working hard to forward his music career, ensuring to focus on all 3 aspects as well. As of late Roshon has is producing and recording his latest album under his independently owned record label where he serves as the CEO. Roshon creates a masterful blend of hip-hop/R&B, funk, pop and dance.

Don’t think twice and head over to The Warehouse Studios in LA to have the best celebration party of your life with Roshon Fegan! Book your party now by calling them at: 323-776-9334.

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Summer is Ending!

Since it’s the end of summer, we know that there have been a ton of parties and get togethers that have probably filled your camera’s memory card! We would love for our readers to send in the great pictures that you have taken! We will post the best ones up here to show the world how much fun you had this summer.

And since we are only a month away from Halloween, if you have any old pictures from the Halloweens of yesteryear, send those as well! We have a section where we are wanting to put up all the good costumes. We have put them all together along with some cool gadgets and great pictures that our staff wants to share. We call it MPP Party Ideas! We want to involve all our readers on this, so get to sending your great images to and we’ll share it with everyone!

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Miss America Party

Miss america party

With the new Miss America being crowned last night, we congratulate Miss New York for coming out on top over 49 other beautiful women. Nina Davuluri, you deserve the win and are a great role model for all women out there. After such a great show though, for most families with little girls, they are going to want to put together a show just like it! So we’re going to say that it can be a very fun and memorable party for your little princesses.

There really is only 3 things that you’re going to need for this party: Sashes, Tiaras, and a pretty dress for your little girl. The sashes are going to be the most fun to put together. The birthday girl definitely has to be name Miss America, but you’re going to have to have each girl make their own sash. When all the girls get to the party, have a wide, white ribbon waiting for them. A bunch of black letter cutouts and little knick knacks to decorate. Each girl is going to have a blast putting together their beautiful sashes for the beauty and talent show that is about to happen!

For the Tiara, we have many to choose from here on MyPartyPlanner. Look through our supplies or just Click Here to see one of our favorite Tiaras! Now once all the girls are dressed up and looking like cute little Miss America’s, you get your camera ready and start the show. A fancy walk down a runway and a talent show where each kid shows off one of their wacky talents is the way to go. Remember, all this is just to have a fun time and celebrate the birthday girl. Once the show is over, you sing happy birthday while crowning the new Little Miss America. This is truly fun for the girls and all the parents as well.

This idea can also be mixed with a Princess Party since many little girls love Disney Princesses. And if they want to put on their sash a name of a princess rather than a state, let them do so. Like we said before though, make sure you have a camera around because this is a party that you will love to talk about when your little girl gets older. She’s going to see just how adorable she was, even if she’s blushing because of the embarrassment of being a tiny Miss America. Don’t forget that MPP is always here to help with your party, so keep following us for more ideas!

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Mad Men Cocktail Party

For fans of this classy show you know that it’s based in the 1960′s and it follows an advertising firm in New York. Now we’re not going to focus on the fantastic story of Mad Men for now, because when putting together a party, you want to make sure you include every partygoer whether they know the show or not. So to prepare, we’re going to look at where you’re going to have the party. Moody but classy is your goal. And even though that might seem vague, it just means focus on lighting and furniture placement.

When it comes to the lighting, darker equals classier. When you watch Don Draper go have a drink at his favorite local bar, you notice that it is covered in moody lighting. The ambiance that you see here is your target for the party. As for furniture, the simpler the better. Make sure there are places for everyone to sit and places for everyone to put their drinks down.

Now we’re going to have to talk about what the party guests are going to be wearing. For the men it’s going to be very easy. Classy suites, hair parted on one side or with 60′s hats, and nice brown loafers. The women are a different story though. Starting from the head down, even make up on the face with bright red lipstick. Hair is easier to get it looking like it’s from the 60′s if it’s up. If you would prefer it down though, parted to the side like the men and curl the ends. If you google “Mad Men hairstyles” you will get plenty of ideas.

Now in the 60′s, parties were not only in peoples living rooms. Especially since it’s still the summer time, the party can move into the back yard and having a pool party! You will have a great laugh when all your friends are looking a bit nerdy trying to be super classy. But that is the fun of having a Mad Men Party. Just make sure you put on your aviator glasses on and your colorful bathing suit!

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Small Breed Dog Costumes

Halloween is on its way and you want to make sure everyone in your family is involved this year, even your pets! So I went to scour the internet to find some of the cutest and best priced costumes for small dogs available. So lets not waste anytime and get to the fun stuff!

Celebrity Dog Costumes

We start off with the best of the celebrity dogs. If you find the right costume, everyone is going to know who your dog is dressed up as. So before you see the descriptions of each of these costumes, try to guess who the dogs are dressed up as!


That’s right, it’s none other than Mr. T himself! He pities the fool that doesn’t remember this iconic tough guy. From the wild hair cut to the jewelry he always wore around his neck, your dog will feel like a bigger dog with this outfit. If you want to know more about the Mr. T dog costume, click on the image!


This is more for the crowd that follows Pop Music, but this is Katy Perry from her California Gurls music video! The iconic blue hair will get any Katy Perry fan to smile at your pup when she walks down the street.


Everyone that has ever heard good music will know this one. This red jacket from the wildly famous Thriller Music Video, and the curly Q hairstyle that goes with it creates a perfect Michael Jackson Canine.

Unique Dog Costumes

So I hope you figured out each of the previous costumes on our list of great dog costumes, but there are a good amount of people out there that want a good theme or just a unique costume. So we start with the pirate dog costume. A great costume all around and since pirates are popular right now, you can find a matching costume for yourself and come out with a gang of pirates on Halloween!

Pirate Dog Costume

And to have a little more fun with some of the cutest costumes we have ever seen, we have Dinosaur Dog Costumes! Very affordable and great for any dog, these will make your dog the talk of the block when you walk him out on Halloween.

cute-dog-costumes-dog-stegosaurus-costume-19394Here we have a Corgi in a Stegosaurus costume and looking super cute. Made of a very light foam material, your dog will be walking around looking like a creature from the dino period in comfort. Very easy to put on and it looks great once on, unless your dog hates clothes, this is one outfit that works. And this is not the only dino centric outfit we found, we loved seeing this next one just as much as the stegosaurus!
Dog Raptor CostumeIf you’re a fan of Raptors or even just liked that scene in Jurassic Park where the kids were being stalked by raptors, you can order this creative Raptor Dog Costume! If you can, get the Jurassic Park outfits for your kids and have a movie themed costume set that includes your pup. It will be a Halloween where everyone will be commenting on your facebook pictures. Who wouldn’t want that!

All these dog costumes are available and affordable. And not only that, if you have a large breed dog, most of these come in multiple sizes to fit all dogs! So if you liked something up on this wall, or even just liked the style of one and wanted to see what else is available, please feel free to click on one of the images and continue to search through the other costumes! If you dress your pup up, send us an email showing us and you can find you and your dog on the MPP Blog!

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