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100th Birthday Party

There is no bigger birthday to celebrate than the 100th.  After being alive an entire century, one has certainly experienced historic moments and changes as well as tremendous personal achievements.  Honor these accomplishments with a party like no other.

Don't assume that as one gets older, the need to celebrate one's birthday disappears.  On the contrary, now more than ever should one's life be celebrated.   

Depending on the birthday honoree's tastes, plan a gathering that reflects important aspects of him or her. Incorporate hobbies, songs, personalities and favorite things into the party.  Browse through our party themes for inspiration.  A person turning 100 today has lived through the countless changes in fashion, technology, and society in general.  Relive one's favorite decade with a 50s, 60s, 70s, or even 80s party.  If he or she has a sense of humor, throw an "over-the-hill" type of party with gag gifts and jokes.

For a more formal or low-key affair, choose a dinner party.  Allow guests to share anecdotes about the person.  A photo slideshow of his or her life can achieve the same effect with no words at all.   

Decorate with old photos and mementos.  Inflate 100th birthday Mylars and order a photo cake.  Decorations for the 100th birthday are available online.

Ask partygoers to sign a memory book and read the memories out loud.  Ask family members and friends to dish on the funniest, saddest and proudest moments in one's life.  Commemorate the occasion with an announcement in the local paper.  
Entertain the crowd with a history trivia game.  After all, after experiencing so much change, one is bound to have racked up lots of memories to share.  For a different spin on the trivia game, compile a list of questions about the person's life and interests.  Award a prize to the person that knows him or her best.

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