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The Beatles Party Theme Costumes, Accessories & Decorations


The Beatles Party Theme

Relive Beatles mania of the '60s with a Beatles party!

Use yellow submarine-shaped invitations for your Beatles party. Encourage guests to dress in '60s clothing. Make your own costume with retro 60s fashions, such as bell bottoms, short shorts, tie-dye t-shirts go-go boots, ripped jeans, love beads, peace signs necklaces, neon glasses, hemp bags, afros, headbands, fringed vest, etc. Hippie culture permeated the '60s, so dress in a Hippie costume available online or at a party store.

Rent cardboard cutouts of John, Paul, George, and Ringo.  Hang Beatles posters throughout the room.

Play nothing but the Beatles albums all night long. Play musical chairs to classic Beatles songs.  Rent the Beatles video anthology and show it on a big screen.

Give Beatles fans merchandise as party favors. Some ideas include CDs, lunch boxes, T-shirts, or coffee mugs.

Use yellow table clothes and neon colored-plates, cups, napkins, and bowls.  For dinner, serve meat pies, potatoes, and Sebastiani wine.
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